Bella’s Lullaby

Hey there, this is the dedicated page to my tutorial on how to play Bella’s Lullaby on the piano. I have decided to make this page for two reasons: one, because I wanted the WoM users to have easy access to this tutorial; and two, because I didn’t want to waist your time in the tutorial talking like a mad xD.
So when did I think of doing a tutorial to this song? Well, it happened in a post of mine where I was talking to one of my visitors named Patricia, and we were talking about the music and soundtracks that I like. Then suddenly it hit me (right after writing that I liked Bella’s Lullaby xD) that I could learn this song and make a tutorial of it too. So from that day I have been learning it (when I felt like learning it xD). 

Was it hard to learn? Well, I’m not a good piano player, so when I heard the song for the first time (after deciding that I wanted to play it), I got a little scared because it really sounded complicated. Then I heard a version with only the right hand, and it was much better (I felt like I could conquer that one ;)), and so I did :). 

I had a bunch of problems when making the film, because once I was finished filming (took only 25minutes) I hours editing it. Once I was finished editing I ended up with 2 videos: one 10:59 minutes long and another 10:55, so that was perfect, just the length allowed on YouTube. Just before uploading I discovered that I made a little mistake in the first video (forgot 2 notes), so I made a new recording, but this time the recording was a bit longer, and therefore the video exceeded the 10:59 minutes. So therefore I tried my best to cut some unnecessary spaces to make it fit, and it almost entered the 10:59 (only 5 seconds more), but I couldn’t cut anymore without making a total mess. I therefore decided to remake the whole project, making 3 videos instead of one (and you can imagine the hours I had to but into it to remake all the videos); anyway, I’m glad it’s over now. 

I divided the song into 4 blocks, each containing 12 sections to make it easier to understand. Firstly I only divided the song into sections, but then I saw that many pieces in the song were almost identical, and therefore I wanted to divide it into another category that covered the similar pieces. So to define the Blocks I would say that they serve to cluster all the similar pieces in the song. The Sections on the other hand is only a subcategory to the Blocks, and indicates the small parts that you learn in the tutorial, and are made to make it easier to memorise the song. I really don’t know if I’ll do the Blocks anymore, it will all depend on the feedback I get, and of cause, on the song too :). 

Part 1 of the tutorial covers from section 1 to section 4, and 1 block: 


Part 2 of the tutorial covers from section 5 to section 9, and 2 blocks (2 & 3): 


Part 3 of the tutorial covers from section 10 to section 12, and 1 block: 


I had fun making it, but unfortunately not as much fun editing the whole thing :(. 

 Anyway, maybe you have noticed that at some points in the video I get a little of beat, this is due to that I normally play it with the original soundtrack in the background, so without my little helper I’m not indestructible anymore xD.   

 I did another video where I played Bella’s Lullaby to the original soundtrack, but it was of cause owned by WMG, so they blocked it all around the world (fuc**** bastards!). In the moment I’m trying to think of a way of getting around it, but this time I can’t pitch the tone because this won’t make you able to play along, because the video will be off tune, and I can’t set the speed up either because it will sound unnatural too. So if you have an idea on how to trick the bastards at WMG please let me know in the comment box below, and I will reupload the video :). 

Here is the video in case that (for some strange reason) you can see it: 


Tutorial Sheet

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  1. Dear Max,

    Could you play Claire de lune… it is also in th Twilight movie (the first one)… also if you could… play it in right hand.. Thank you


  2. @Skye

    Hey there Skye, I have moved your comment to this page, because you put it under “suggestions” and I’m sure that if you had read what was written on the page you would have known that your comment didn’t go there.

    Anyway, Claire de Lune is a masterpiece, (the pure definition of the word perfect). Unfortunately I can’t play it because my piano skills aren’t good enough. But don’t worry, I have done some searching and I have found the perfect tutorial for you (even I couldn’t do it better than this tutorial), so I really hope you appreciate it.

  3. @Patricia

    you are right Patricia, when I did the search I didn’t include the term “easy” in my search, I have tried it now and I got a lot more results… so maybe I’ll do it anyway :)

  4. Hi there,

    Love your tutorial thanks alot. Please can you do one for My Love by Sia Furler with the Letter Notes on screen. I’m learning to play piano and I’m an adult. I am trying to memorize notes on keys and try to learn sheet music reading and shapes and AGHHHH and trying not to stare down and listen by ear,wow alot for me to do and I’m impatient abit cause I breathe TWILIGHT !!!! Thank you soo much Take Care ,
    Cathy p/s I appreciate you putting the notes on screen as you play them YOU are only one of 2 that do and the lady that is doing it too, is in Singapore.I like your vids keep it coming. Don’t worry about if people like you or not cause this doesn’t define who you are.You have talent and you are generous.Some will love you/envy you but brush it off and keep living for YOU.

  5. @Cathy Hey there Cathy, I have moved your comment to this page because it was posted under suggestions for my blog improvement.
    First I want to say thanks for the comment, I really appreciated it. Unfortunately I can’t make a tutorial to that song at the moment, because I’m on a backpacking year though Australia. If you have the patience I may make a tutorial when I return home, but you’ll have to wait a long time (about 10 months), moreover, I have promised to make a tutorial for Claire de Lune first. So as I said before, If you have patience and can wait for it I’ll make it once I return and have made Claire de Lune. Please feel free to look at my blog once in a while to see how I’m getting along on my trip Down Under and to know when I return :)

    – Max ;)

  6. Greetings Max,

    I’m from Singapore & i actually chanced upon your tutorial on Bella’s Lullaby. I must say that it was really helpful & i took 2days to understand how it sounds like on piano & where the right keys go. Maybe alot more practice i could play it without looking at the sheet. Plus i can’t even play a piano for nuts, you can call me a beginner but i’m glad i could finally play this song especially for someone special. So thank you Max, would love to listen to your tutorials of other songs, for eg by Adele.

    Syazwan :)

  7. Hi Syazwan,
    great to hear you liked it :), it’s thanks to comments like these that I make the tutorials in the first place :). Actually I’ve already thought about a tutorial on an Adele song, but I won’t mention which until I’m sure that I’ll make it. At the moment I’m traveling around Australia so it might be a bit before I will begin making tutorials again (I think something like 5-10 months), until then take care Syazwan, and be sure to check back to World of Max for updates :D

  8. Hi Max,

    Good to hear that you’re planning to make more tutorials especially from Adele’s. Will be waiting for you to come back & play those beautiful pieces which i can learn from. Take care & have a safe trip in Australia. Thank you :)

  9. Hey! you have the BEST tutorial!! If you can PLEASE do the left hand as well that would be AMAZING! i know it is a bit tougher to do both but it would really make this perfect!! thanks!! and thanks again for such a wonderful job!

  10. @Sarah
    Hi Sarah, I have been thinking about doing the left hand too, but haven’t been able to do so because I went traveling Australia not long after doing this tutorial; I’m still traveling at the moment but I might be home in another 7 months (nothings sure yet though). I know it’s long time but if you have the patience I’ll do the video once I’m back home again :)

  11. I have always wanted to learn to play piano and this was so easy to follow I had no excuse not to try. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  12. @Storm
    You’re welcome Storm; once I have finished my travels around Australia and got some time on my hands I will add the left hand to this tutorial :)

  13. Hi Max, I came across your site cause I’ve been wanting to play Bella’s Lullaby since I got hooked on the Twilight Saga movies. Youtube had so many different versions of the song that it was to mind-boggling for me. But I know you played it exactly as the movie, so I’m sticking with you. Although I would like to learn the intro, I will practice what you have taught here for now. Yes, it would be nice if you could do the left handed part cause the song is just so beautiful with that part. I hope you will consider doing a tutorial on it. Have safe travels, and enjoy yourself.

  14. Hi there Max. Thank you for sharing your tutorial of Bella`s Lullaby. It`s very well explained step by step and I`m just learning it now.

    Could you make the Left Hand tutorial so we can join it with the right hand?

    I`m looking forward for your response. Thanks!

  15. @stephanie & @Pablo Thanks guys for the comments. I will definably make the left hand tutorial (and properly the intro as well) due to the big request I’ve had :). It will be around 5 months before I’ll be back home I guess, and then I have to relearn to play it well again xD, but I promise you guys that it’s gonna come; sooner or later :D

  16. hi max ive just wanted to thank u for those tutorials I’m sure they helped us all by I think there is a problem cause the video isn’t working and i really want to finish block three bt if it doesn’t work it’s ok and I really appreciate what you have done so far so thanx and have a safe trip

  17. @Rebecca Hi Rebecca, thank you for your comment and the feedback :). That’s strange that you can’t see the third video, I know I have a copyright infringement on that same video, but it should still be available world wide (only with ads in the corner) :/. I have done some tweaks to it now, could you please do me the favour of trying it again to see if it works and also could you please tell me which country you are from? If it didn’t work for you I’ll try my absolute best to get the video up and going again!

  18. Dear Max,
    thank you for the viedeo,but can you with your right hand to show how to play too pleased :) Thanks :)

  19. Hi,Max,again :D Can I aks you something ? :) Can you show us how to play it too ”Rivers flows in you ” – Yiruma . It is also in th Twilight movie … Thank you


  20. @Marina Hi Marina, I suppose you mean the left hand; anyway, yes I will definably do it, as soon as I get back home from my travels in Australia :).
    For Rivers Flows in You by Yiruma I’ll see what I can do, I won’t promise anything though since it’s quirt tricky to play, but I might give it a try, so stay tuned :)

  21. hey max ! i have lerned to play many songs from youtube and i gotta tell you that you are the best!!
    but can you please finish your work and do the left hand?

  22. hi
    thank a lot for the video :) i have a question actually,is there any video that teach us how to play with the left hand?

  23. @sara Hi Sara, unfortunately there isn’t a video teaching how to play with the left hand yet, anyway I promise to put it up eventually, but I can’t tell you when. At the moment I have a lot of things going on, but as soon as I know that I’ll have some spare time I’ll learn it again and post a video of it, so stay tuned :D

  24. OMG thank you I FINALLY!!! know how to play BELLA’S LULLABY!!!

  25. I LOVE how you taught this song. Playing it first to see how it sounds and slowing it down for demonstration. But I really love how instead of giving us sheet music you showed us the notes and gave us the OPTION of sheet music. I really hope you teach some more songs on your site if you haven’t already.

  26. I just wanted to say thanks so much for this tutorial, its the first piece ive ever played and you were a joy to follow.. thanks again.

  27. Hallo Max, where are you? Still in Australia? I hope that you are ok and you were not attacked by kangaroos or something like that… But now seriously – THANK YOU for your tutorial – perfect and very helpful!!!
    Take care & have a safe trip…And dont forget – we still waiting for your new wideos, so please come back home ;)

  28. Dear Max.
    Thank you for this video! Would you please make a video for the left handed part of Bella´s Lullaby?

  29. Did you happen to make a midi for this? I bought a keyboard so I could learn this song. (I can play a few seconds of a whole new world from aladdin) However, all the midis I could find are much more complicated than what you’ve shown. I have two different versions. One seems easier but my fingers are not wide enough to play parts of it, the other is more complicated but I can play all the notes, so that’s the one I’ve been working on. I’ve got:
    D/F#, A/D, D/F#, A/D, D/G, Bb/D, D/G, Bb/D, D/F#, A/D, D/F#, A/D, D/E, D/G, D/E, G/D, D/F#, A/D, D/F#, A/D, D/G, Bb/D, D/G, *Bb, D/A, C/D, D/A, C/D, D/G, Bb/D, D/G, Bb/D, D/F#, A/D, D/F#, A/D, D/G, Bb/D

    I think that’s correct. R/L being played at the same time.
    *That’s where I start messing up.

    That is where I got that particular midi file.

    How different is that one from the one you are playing? Does it only seem easier because you’re only doing the Right hand? :) Thanks in advance. I appreciate all your hard work!

  30. I love playing the piano and i play mostly by ear and your video help me put a lot more with learning all of the twilight lullabies then reading the music. Could you please continue making videos with the left hand so i can learn the whole song. please please please :)