Hey there, this is the dedicated page to my tutorial on how to play Bella’s Lullaby on the piano. I have decided to make this page for two reasons: one, because I wanted the WoM users to have easy access to this tutorial; and two, because I didn’t want to waist your time in the tutorial talking like a mad xD.
So when did I think of doing a tutorial to this song? Well, it happened in a post of mine where I was talking to one of my visitors named Patricia, and we were talking about the music and soundtracks that I like. Then suddenly it hit me (right after writing that I liked Bella’s Lullaby xD) that I could learn this song and make a tutorial of it too. So from that day I have been learning it (when I felt like learning it xD). 

Was it hard to learn? Well, I’m not a good piano player, so when I heard the song for the first time (after deciding that I wanted to play it), I got a little scared because it really sounded complicated. Then I heard a version with only the right hand, and it was much better (I felt like I could conquer that one ;)), and so I did :). 

I had a bunch of problems when making the film, because once I was finished filming (took only 25minutes) I hours editing it. Once I was finished editing I ended up with 2 videos: one 10:59 minutes long and another 10:55, so that was perfect, just the length allowed on YouTube. Just before uploading I discovered that I made a little mistake in the first video (forgot 2 notes), so I made a new recording, but this time the recording was a bit longer, and therefore the video exceeded the 10:59 minutes. So therefore I tried my best to cut some unnecessary spaces to make it fit, and it almost entered the 10:59 (only 5 seconds more), but I couldn’t cut anymore without making a total mess. I therefore decided to remake the whole project, making 3 videos instead of one (and you can imagine the hours I had to but into it to remake all the videos); anyway, I’m glad it’s over now. 

I divided the song into 4 blocks, each containing 12 sections to make it easier to understand. Firstly I only divided the song into sections, but then I saw that many pieces in the song were almost identical, and therefore I wanted to divide it into another category that covered the similar pieces. So to define the Blocks I would say that they serve to cluster all the similar pieces in the song. The Sections on the other hand is only a subcategory to the Blocks, and indicates the small parts that you learn in the tutorial, and are made to make it easier to memorise the song. I really don’t know if I’ll do the Blocks anymore, it will all depend on the feedback I get, and of cause, on the song too :). 

Part 1 of the tutorial covers from section 1 to section 4, and 1 block: 


Part 2 of the tutorial covers from section 5 to section 9, and 2 blocks (2 & 3): 


Part 3 of the tutorial covers from section 10 to section 12, and 1 block: 


I had fun making it, but unfortunately not as much fun editing the whole thing :(. 

 Anyway, maybe you have noticed that at some points in the video I get a little of beat, this is due to that I normally play it with the original soundtrack in the background, so without my little helper I’m not indestructible anymore xD.   

 I did another video where I played Bella’s Lullaby to the original soundtrack, but it was of cause owned by WMG, so they blocked it all around the world (fuc**** bastards!). In the moment I’m trying to think of a way of getting around it, but this time I can’t pitch the tone because this won’t make you able to play along, because the video will be off tune, and I can’t set the speed up either because it will sound unnatural too. So if you have an idea on how to trick the bastards at WMG please let me know in the comment box below, and I will reupload the video :). 

Here is the video in case that (for some strange reason) you can see it: 


Tutorial Sheet